nikhil.pankaj.karnik (at)

Professional Experience

August 2014-Present

Software Engineer
Zillabyte (San Francisco, CA)

June 2014-August 2014

Data Engineering Fellow
Insight Data Science (Palo Alto, CA)

Three Month Data Engineering Fellowship
  • Developed GFX, a data pipeline and web application for analyzing relationships between geopolitical events and foreign exchange currency trends using historical FOREX data and the open source GDELT data set.

June 2012-2013

Software Engineer
Optofluidics (Philadelphia, PA)

Nanoparticle Analysis, Coating Stability, and Optical Tweezers
  • Designed and implemented an automated routine to couple optical fibers with waveguides (through free space) on custom chips using a robotic stage to regulate the fiber position.
  • Optimized the coupling routine for accuracy and run time (achieved O(N) from originally O(N^2) algorithm), achieving optimal results in both metrics.



Data Engineering Fellow; Insight Data Science (Palo Alto, CA)


BSE, Electrical Engineering; University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

Technical Experience


  • Data Systems: Kafka, Postgresql, Mysql, Redis, Storm, Spark, HDFS, Hadoop MapReduce, Hive, HBase

  • Operations: Docker, Chef, AWS

  • Web: Flask, Ruby on Rails

Programming Languages

  • Proficient in Python , Java , Ruby

  • Prior experience with C, Go, Javascript, Bash


  • Work Authorization: US Citizen